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Better Health Care for Transsexual, Transgender Gender Diverse Australians

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Currently there is very little to zero funding or support for intersex transsexual,
transgender, sister-girl, brother-boy & gender diverse Australians for healthcare.

And as a result there is a growing concern & fear in the community that gender centres & some sexual health services are at risk of shutting their doors to Australians in need of health services because of the lack of funding & support from the federal & state governments.
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Lives are lost every year because people cannot access to the services that they so sorely need. These types of health care services are not elective for the greatest majority of these people, they are essential to someone who experiences severe gender dysphoria or other social, health & well being issues.

It has been proven many times that Counselling & Therapy, along with Vocal Feminisation, Facial Feminisation & Sex Reassignment Surgery can all help to save lives!!!

Being intersex, transsexual, transgender or gender diverse is not a choice for gender diverse Australians!

Many people now believe that gender identity is predetermined before birth through the action of sex hormones during natal development. And growing up as gender diverse person is very difficult because everyone is expected to conform to the binary gender identity model and if you don't then you are often singled out, bullied & abused. Even if you repress gnder issues, then there are many other social & mental health problems that arise. No one chooses or subscribes to a life of rejection, discrimination, vilification, bullying & abuse - this is something that chooses you!

This a card we were dealt and are trying to now live with and our government needs to recognise this!

There are many Australians who suffer from secondary issues such as anxiety & depression & many other mental disorders that are related to being gender diverse & having gender dysphoria simply because of who they really are. As a result they experience an array of social & health problems brought about by day-to-day stress & anxiety of living with a gender identity that varies from their assigned biological birth sex.

This is a burden to the Australian taxpayer, mental health services & a whole array of other welfare & supporting organisations. Such as claims for Centreline payments because they lost their job, become homeless because they were kicked out by family and housemates, or were victims of violence, sexual assault or other domestic violence or abuse, or developed serious mental health issues and on disability support pension after trying to cope with all of the above.

The World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH) released the new Standards of Care to better support the transsexual, transgender & gender diverse community. This document calls on governments, support groups and agencies to adopt new policies for better transgender health care. However the Ministers for Health right across Australia all appear to be slow to catch onto these new recommendations in Transgender Health Standards of Care.

Additionally a report called the "Sex files Report" was compiled by the Human Rights Commission in 2009, calling on all governments to remove discriminatory policy from all levels of administration. However there is many offices of the federal & state governments that have ignored this report & need to have policies reviewed. Many people in the community believe that all federal & state government health departments should should set the example and lead the way.

Access to proper counselling, therapy, treatments & cosmetic surgery is essential to many gender diverse people to enable them live happy & fulfilling lives. These services are essential so gender diverse people can blend and be accepted into society and reduce the risk of discrimination, vilification, abuse & violence that they might face.

The intersex, transsexual, transgender & gender diverse community might be only a minority group in Australia, but enough is enough. It is time we spoke out with a unified voice about the ignorance & neglect by the federal & state ministers for health by overlooking the health care needs of Australians.

So please sign this petition and show your support for for better health care for intersex, transsexual, transgender & other gender diverse Australians.

Thank you.

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