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Justice for Angel, the ferret killed in an oven.

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On November 9, 2017, Ivana Clifford of Manchester, New Hampshire put her host's, (Cara Murray), two-year-old ferret called Angel in the oven, cooking the innocent baby alive. Cara Murray and her boyfriend took Ms. Clifford in because she was eight months pregnant and homeless. Little Angel, being a young ferret, nipped Ms. Clifford's foot so, in retaliation, she waited until Cara and her boyfriend retired for the evening and put little Angel in the oven, turning it on. Cara and her boyfriend were awakened by the smoke alarm going off and were horrified when they discovered that the reason for it going off was their beloved baby in the oven.

As a parent to human children and ferrets, I understand the challenges and frustrations associated with the day-to-day care of them and I am concerned for the well-being of Ms. Clifford's unborn child. Given that Ms. Clifford's mental status is unstable enough for her to place an innocent, trusting ferret in an oven with the intent to cruelly murder her, it is likely that she can not be trusted with the well being of her unborn child.

I would like the Hon. Gillian L. Abramson and Dennis C. Hogan, (Hillsborough County, New Hampshire County Arrorney) to impose the harshest penalties she is able to for the murder of Angel, as well as removing the child from Ms. Clifford's custody directly after giving birth. Studies have shown that animal abusers tend to abuse children as well and the child must be protected from Ms. Clifford.

(photo courtesy: Sara-Liz Bliss) 

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