Protect Tal-Wej!

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Petition addressed to the Hon. Prime Minister and Hon. Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Planning

Tal-Wej is a valuable open space located between Mosta and Naxxar, extensively used by residents of both localities. It is of great ecological importance, providing rock pool habitats that are unique in the Maltese Islands and considered to be of priority at European level. It supports various species of flora and fauna, including several rare species. It also provides a rich cultural landscape, with an array of archaeological features including cart ruts, Punic tombs, dolmens and rock-cut vine trenches, silos, among others. Fields in Tal-Wej are actively cultivated by farmers and the area is regularly frequented by scores of locals for dog-walking and recreation.

Because of its importance, the site has already been protected through scheduling and as a Special Area of Conservation of National and International Importance. It has now been proposed as a Natura 2000 site. This is a unique opportunity for Tal-Wej to receive the protection it so richly deserves. 

Some individuals are now objecting to the area’s protection, with the case due to be heard by the Environment and Planning Review Tribunal in March. Please join us in demanding that the protection of the site stands! Individual interests should not be treated as more important than the public good. We deserve to have our heritage safeguarded, for our enjoyment and that of future generations.