Urge Government to install Highway Improvements at intersection of Humboldt Bronco's Crash

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   This petition has been started because of an accident that took place at the intersection of Highway 35 and Highway 335, about 300 kilometres north of Regina, a bus carrying the Humboldt Bronco's collided with a tractor-trailer hauling peat moss. Both vehicles were obliterated by the impact and 15 passengers were killed.

The intersection has had numerous collisions and fatalities in the past and still no "Rumble strips" have been added. I believe people are not seeing that they must stop at this intersection and rumble strips will help wake them up and prevent collisions. Also additional flashing lights before the intersection should be installed as well to catch their attention. The province has yet to do this, and I'm setting up this petition, to hopefully get the Ministry of Transportation to install the rumble strips immediately! As well as the flashing lights so that we can prevent another tragedy from happening in the future.

Someone also suggested some of the trees near the intersection, could be cleared to help allow driver's to see it.

Also maybe this intersection needs to be turned into an overpass? That's for a later discussion but might be necessary to do for the future if accidents keep occurring here.

Please sign this petition, and let's urge the Government to install rumble strips, flashing lights, and tree removal into place!

Thank you for all the support everyone!