Stop the Amalgamation of parts Rural Moncton to the City of Moncton

Stop the Amalgamation of parts Rural Moncton to the City of Moncton

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Started by Tracey Mullin

As part of the Local Governance Reform in New Brunswick, the following streets/roads, which are currently governed by the Moncton Parrish Local Service District and are addressed as Lutes Mountain and Stilesville, will be become part of the City of Moncton, New Brunswick and will be governed as such;

Including but not Limited To the following:

Briggs Cross Road, Katelynn Road, Will Roges Road, Bungay Road, Stonington Rd, Thorncastle St, Charles Lutes Rd, Addison St, Annabelle Cresc, Trail End Drive, Zack Road, Chestnut Cresc, Willard St, Lawrence St, Pleasantview, Any remaining parts of Rural Estates including but not limited to Wintergreen Dr, Stelor Dr, Wichita St, Fiddlers Green Drive, Heathstone Dr, etc


Collectively as an LSD 625 , though we are not disputing the decision to amalgamate the local districts, we are standing in opposition to joining the city of Moncton. Additionally, our express request is that we instead join the new LSD 32.   

We, as a collective, are making this request based on the following  criteria: 


Our largest opposition to this change is that it will fundamentally change our way of life.  A choice we all made when we moved to an LSD.  We chose country living and want to maintain this type of lifestyle.   i.e livestock such as chickens, horses, rabbit snaring, four-wheeling, snowmobiling, etc.  We fundamentally do not want to be part of the city of Moncton and nor do we feel part of this urban center.   The way of life and history must maintain the country aspect and not turn into city living. Some of these properties have seen 4-5 generations of families grow up in a country setting with a country way of life including farming and this should be sustained a such. The city by-laws will not positively impact this way of life  


We do not have or want fire hydrants, sidewalks, street lights, paved roads, water and sewer, bus service.  We choose our LSD based on the lack of these services and do not want to pay additional taxes for extra services.  We all agree that the current services are sufficient.   We recognize that the Minister stated that there will be a differential tax rate but if the city decides to add infrastructure, we will be paying higher taxes and there is no guarantee that this will not occur.  


If we join Moncton, we will continue to bear increased property taxes and the high cost of living associated with effectively and literally living outside the city (maintenance of a well and septic system).  



768 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!