Ban Jeff Gellman's Abusive Dog Training Seminar in Auckland!

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We call on the local Parliamentary Minister Hon Damien O'Connor and Ministry For Primary Industries  to investigate why New Zealand is allowing a dog trainer called Jeff Gellman access to Visa's to New Zealand to be able to train dogs and their owners using abusive tools and outdated teaching methods.

Jeff Gellman uses punishment methods which are abusive, create fear and pain to the dogs he is training, here in NZ we recognise that animals are sentient beings as written in the animal welfare act 1999.

An Act—(a)
to reform the law relating to the welfare of animals and the prevention of their ill-treatment; and, in particular,—

(i) to recognise that animals are sentient:
(ia) to require owners of animals, and persons in charge of animals, to attend properly to the welfare of those animals:

There for we ask that you help prevent ill treatment of the dogs and stop him being able to enter New Zealand to train using physical harm by hitting dogs on the head, using electronic shock collars which he openly promotes and is asking participants to purchase one for the seminar as well as using other forms of abusive punishment methods to abuse dogs in the name of training.

We are better than this New Zealand, so let's stand together to help our dogs to be rehabilitated and trained as they should be by trainers, behaviourists and veterinary behaviourists who do not use old fashioned and archaic methods.

Ban Jeff Gellman's Seminar and Ban him from New Zealand to keep our dogs safe.