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Bengaluru Plastic Bag Ban. Please make this a reality.

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We the citizens of Bengaluru, are requesting the Hon. Chief Minister of Karnataka to implement with clear timelines, the PLASTIC BAG BAN that was announced on Jan 20th, 2015. We wholeheartedly support him in this initiative.


“PLASTIC BAG BAN”  is the only way to eliminate the following crises:

  • Plastic bags are the root cause of the ever growing garbage catastrophe in the city.
  • Plastic bags are contaminating water bodies, choking drains and adding to landfills. 
  • Plastic bags have not spared the innocent animals in the city of Bengaluru. These animals either choke and die on the plastic consumed, worse they get back into the food chain and eventually these cancer-causing elements pass on...for generations to come. 
  • According to Karuna society for animals and nature, all cows rescued from Indian city roads are full of 50-70kgs of plastic bags.
  • Burning plastic is causing irreversible damage to our health by raising air pollution levels and pumping carcinogens into our air.

A plastic bag ban has been implemented in many states and cities worldwide - Himachal Pradesh, Ooty, California, New York. Why not Bengaluru?

Now that the plastic bag ban has been announced, we need clear timelines for implementation.

By signing this petition, a cleaner and healthier environment for us and for the future can finally become a reality. Our tax money can be put to better use rather than for cleaning up the PLASTIC BAG MONSTER.

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