Protect the Mt. Begbie alpine from commercial development

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Mt. Begbie is under threat of being defaced forever by developments including commercial recreation, logging, and mining. 
Revelstoke’s iconic mountain, community logo, symbol of our mountain town, and most photographed peak could soon be permanently compromised.  Plans for the development of a backcountry hut and chalet are being proposed which would threaten the historical connection with the natural landscape of Revelstoke’s iconic mountain.  The notion of developing large commercial structures on this iconic landmark seems counterintuitive to what the residents of Revelstoke and British Columbia cherish and value. Development of any sort, be it logging, mining, or the "Begbie Alpine Chalets" would challenge the notion that the City of Revelstoke is committed to preserving accessible wild places for future generations. It is imperative that Mt. Begbie is protected to show that some places are just too important to be exploited for profit.  
Mt. Begbie should be protected from all resource extraction and be kept in its natural state with only non-motorized, non-commercial recreation for all to enjoy.
The undersigned would like to see Mt. Begbie protected from unnecessary commercial development by designating it a “Protected Area” and wish to see continued advocacy for conservation and sustainability of sensitive ecological areas.