#JusticeForAjitabh – "AN APPEAL for CBI investigation" – Waiting since 6 MONTHS!

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160 DAYS are done and dusted; we saw the Supreme Court’s rare overnight hearing in regards to Karnataka state assembly elections which is over now, Unnao and the Kathua rape case, Dust storms and also IPL 2018 coming to an end and a lot more has happened in past 5 months. The family of Kumar Ajitabh and people to whom he mattered are STILL APPEALING FOR JUSTICE.

30 year old Kumar Ajitabh, an IT professional who secured his admission in IIM Kolkata in an executive MBA programme is still not found. He went out from his apartment (Whitefield, Bengaluru) on 18th December 2017 at 6.30pm to meet a prospective buyer with whom he was in contact since 7th December 2017. An advertisement was posted on OLX dated 29th November 2017 to sell his Maruti Ciaz Vxi AMT for Rs. 10.80 Lacs, which would have enabled him to pay off the car loan of Rs. 5 Lacs along with an initial payment of Rs. 5 Lacs to secure his admission in IIM Kolkota by 20th December.

This wasn’t the first time he had to sell something on Olx, so he did take his time to deal once he found it a better one. He didn’t know that the deal which was meant to support his academic ambition and a better future would lead him to this situation. He always used to ask every lady (mother, sister, colleague or a friend) around to be careful; however he may have not known that the criminals don’t consider GENDER, RELIGION, etc. This is something which one thinks about while living a normal life.

A missing FIR was filed on 20th December 2017 (486/2017) . When few evidences were collected verifying that someone foul played on that day, a new FIR for Abduction was filed on 29th December 2017 (500/2017) at Whitefield Police station, Bengaluru. A Writ Petition (16/2018) was filed at Karnataka State High Court after 15 days, requesting CBI investigation as this was an 'Organised Crime' planned and executed by a group of miscreants. SUCH A DELAY IN JUSTICE IS A CURSE for a victim, his family and to all citizens living in all the cities across the country.

SIT (Special Investigation Team) was formed after one month of cluelessness and then this suspense continued with SIT and CID from months as the initial investigation was unproductive. Now, an upcoming 10th hearing date at Karnataka State High Court is on 29th May 2018 but still the victim, his car & iPhone are yet to be found. Moreover, the CRIMINALS ARE ROAMING somewhere free to ruin someone else’s happiness.

By looking at this incident, it is unbelievable why one can’t be found in a city when there are surveillance cameras with night vision, installed everywhere.

Were CCTV footages collected within a week of investigation? If sniffing dogs / Drones / Technological research / Public support / Inter-state assistance were not utilised timely and resourcefully to find a missing person, the result is CLUELESS investigation.

Approached & requested political leaders in person, via post, on social media platform (like Twitter, Facebook) didn’t help in getting their attention; probably because this is a matter of one person’s life. 

A kind attention and help is still awaited from the Minister of Legislative Assembly (Mahadevapura, Bengaluru), Chief Minister of the state of Karnataka, Chief Minister of the state of Bihar, Home Minister (Karnataka), Ministry of Home Affairs (India), The Prime Minister of India and whosoever is in the authority to PROTECT THE CITIZENS OF INDIA.

Honestly, one doesn’t know what to do when an unfortunate incident like this takes place but if WE ARE LEFT UNHEARD AND UNPROTECTED, WE WILL SHOUT UNTIL WE ARE NOT HEARD.

SOCIAL MEDIA is not a slave for Advertising agencies or for Election campaigns, if everyone supports a RIGHT VOICE by sharing their views; this is the MOST POWERFUL platform to HELP SEEK JUSTICE!

I have been tying Rakhi on my brother’s hand to protect me and if at this time I have to fight for him, I CAN & I WILL.

I respectfully request you all to sign this petition and keep sharing it on social media to help me find my brother and get those criminals behind bars.