Give us our jobs back

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A large sum of IT Employees have been recently thrown out of their jobs by the organizations illegally. It’s easy to escape stating, less than 20 per cent of fresh engineering graduates are employable & curricula appear to be outdated. However companies exercising illegal termination and layoff practices have no such answers or justifications in front of the Legal authorities. Some company officials of course don’t even appear at Labor Office for reconciliation meetings organized by Government Officials.

An employee in mid 30s – 40s has already attained experience of 5-10 years and suddenly becomes redundant and is forced to resign without justifications. At a broad level companies maintain a statement of immediate need to up skill, re-skill and reinvent but the basic question is how much technology has changed in recent years that has affected the jobs to such an extent.  

The truth behind is a lethal policy adopted by Organizations to replace an old employee with higher salary with a new employee at an entry level to increase Profitability, as the off – shore companies pay per head count and not according to the experience and tenure of staff. Then the new employee at entry level is trained by other colleagues and workload for a fairly experienced staff is doubled. Employees are working hard day and night to manage stringent deadlines and work pressure that too without overtime benefits and no night shift allowances in many organizations.

Organizations are fearlessly serving unlawful ultimatum to employees including pregnant ladies, either to resign or get terminated with an additional threatening of getting blacklisted. Employees are aggressively pushed and cornered to such an extent that they panic and give up. The Organization’s Inhuman and insensitive treatment was proved by a recently leaked recorded conversation between HR executive and an employee which was followed by a very convenient and sophisticated apology by the Boss on social platform.

We request the Central and the State government to help the innocent IT, ITES, KPO, BPO and Telecom employees by taking appropriate steps to stop illegal termination and forceful resignation

Request IT, ITES, KPO, BPO and Telecom employees to sign the petition to help illegally terminated employees get justice and their jobs back.