Revamp school syllabus and reduce multiple subjects from secondary board examination

Revamp school syllabus and reduce multiple subjects from secondary board examination

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The objective of education, in schools, should be that of nurturing inherent potential, developing interest and encouraging talent among children so that they emerge as confident citizens and valuable human resources of future. However, our children in schools, by the time they reach higher classes, are subjected to the burden of an extensive syllabus, multiple subjects and the draconian system of board examinations, putting them under undue stress and cut throat competition.

The students should be able to choose their stream and subjects they want to pursue, from 10th board itself. The syllabus content of subjects taught in 9th and 10th are much beyond common minimum standard. Therefore  it is often a burden and meaningless exercise for children to go through such content of all subjects in their 10th board exams. Students, often baffled with the multiple subjects and heavy syllabus, start suffering from early age anxiety, an age when they should have more time and freedom to explore.

School boards, from 9th grade onward could consider giving the option to students to choose subjects of their interest, subjects that they would want to pursue in future, so that they can focus well on them and not be ill prepared for the future either, owing to reduced syllabus, which is nothing but a compromise due to the current situation. Our children are better served learning what they want to learn, well and not half-heartedly learn what is imposed on them.

Our Education system is entirely focused on marks obtained by our children in these examinations. This approach to education is more a test of endurance under stress and less of a journey to unearth the potential of the child. Often the first board examination of their lives (10th board) , result in an organized annual event, of breaking confidence and crushing hopes of many young lives, even before they begin their journey in the real world and are able to make meaningful contributions to society.

Moreover, we, as parents only add to the perpetration of this oppressive system. We get busy in running from pillar to post, trying to find out good tutors for our children to cope with the syllabus and multiple subjects, so that they can score well in board exams. Never, for a moment, do we stop to question ourselves as to why we are unable to teach or guide our children beyond grade 7 or 8? The answer is simple- It is because as adults, we in our chosen professions, hardly apply everything that we were forced to learn in our school days, in our own day-to-day lives. The lives of these children are trapped between school and multiple tutorial classes, leaving hardly any breathing space, any space for imagination and pursuit of interest.

Syllabus should be practical and life oriented. Moreover, school education should emphasize and include  importance of Emotional, Social and Adversity Quotients- skills, which are the pressing need of the hour and will increasingly become so, as we are seeing a constant increase in number of students in their adolescence and young adults when they embark upon professional journeys, giving up on their lives, unable to cope with the real world.

Children are not vote banks and cannot participate actively in voicing their opinion. It is about time that we, as parents, came together and understood the predicament of our children rather than give in to this logic that since, for generations, we have all followed this, our children should therefore also go through the same.

Please sign my petition asking the Education Minister, Mr. Ramesh Pokhriyal to take cognizance of the real need of the hour- in making school education more practical, meaningful, interest oriented and instructing secondary boards to reduce the burden of subjects on students. Let the students be free to choose their field of interest right from the first board examination (10th standard) of their life.

Sign and share my petition so that we become instrumental in making our children realize their full potential and evolve as valuable human resources of our country.

Thank you for reading and sharing widely.

Anasuya Gupta