Appeal to make Nigdi as starting point for Pune Metro phase 1

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Are the residents of Pimpri-Chinchwad being fooled once again after Smart City project?
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Hon. Chief Minister, Maharashtra.
Sir, in spite of your consent to start Metro Phase 1 from Nigdi, the PIB has given approval for the metro route starting from Pimpri up to Swargate. How can PIB act against the consent of the Chief Minister of the concerned state? Or shall we assume that we, the citizens of Pimpri-Chinchwad are being neglected after Smart City & Chinchwad Railway Terminal fiasco? Sir, we hope you will ensure amendment of replacing Pimpri with Nigdi in the Metrol proposal that will soon be tabled before the Central Ministry for approval.

  • Click here to read more about CM's green signal to Nigdi – Swargate Metro. (News dt. 7th March 2015)
  • Click here to read the news item about the plot to start Metro from Pimpri overlooking Nigdi.

For information of citizens of Pimpri-Chinchwad: Why is it ideal to start Metro 1 from Nigdi?

  1. Nigdi is strategically located from transportation point of view. It is at the center of the areas starting from Chakan-Talegaon Industrial belt, Talawade-Hinjawadi IT park, Chinchwad-Bhosari-Pimpri Industrial belt (MIDC) and one has to consider its proximity to Pune. Many architects and urban planners also vouch for Nigdi's role in traffic/ transport management. Click here to read more
  2. If metro starts from Pimpri, the main areas like Chinchwad, Akurdi and Nigdi will be affected. Daily PMPML commuter statistics show that nearly 70% of commuters travel from these areas to Pune for Jobs, Education and other purposes. Nigdi Tilak chowk average bus occupancy is more than 150% for peak hour and more than 70% for non peak hour. How will most of the commuters gain if their interests are ignored?
  3. Various routes in existence or in planning stage from Bhakti Shakti Chowk, Nigdi: a) Nigdi-Dapodi BRT b) Nigdi-Kiwale BRT c) PMPML Terminal d) State Transport Bus Stop e) Spine road f) High capacity tram start/end point. Considering these, will the metro not add to the convenience of the citizens?
  4. The metro rail service will be extended from Pimpri to Nigdi in the 2nd phase. The first will take 5 years to materialise and further 5 years more for materialisation of the 2nd phase. It means most of the citizens will be able to enjoy the benefits of this service only in the year 2026. The metro is plying in many cities of the country and we keep on suffering from pollution, rush. Is it justified? 
  5. It is planned to construct BRT, PMPML and ST terminals at Bhakti Shakti chowk. The creation of transport hub will be feasible if only a Metro station is planned there, the traffic situation will be chaotic, otherwise.
  6. Nigdi is the gateway to the city, hence it will be ideal to start the metro from there. The recent announcement of Prabhag by the State Election Commission prohibits residents of prabhag no. 9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19 from enjoying the benefits of metro.
  7. At Chinchwad both highway and railway track comes closer and continue parallel till Shivajinagar. Only Nigdi & Akurdi area are far away from railway track hence metro service is very crucial for citizen living in those area

In a meeting held on 16/2/2016, all these points were brought to the notice of Shri. Shrikar Pardeshi, the then commissioner of PCMC. He also echoed the same feelings of Nigdi being an important starting point for Metro rail. Click here to read in details – The PCCF is following up the matter since then.

This is not the only injustice happened to Pimpri-Chinchwad, due to absence of political will city has faced series of injustice treatment from top govt in recent past, read below:

  • Proposed airport near Chakan will materialise in Purandar, which is 70 km.s from the city, proving inconvenient for the industries in Hinjawadi, Talwade, Chakan – Talegaon – IT & Industrial belts.
  • City ignored in “Smart City Mission” in spite of possessing relevant qualifications.
  • Proposed Rail Terminus in Chinchwad moved to Hadapsar.
  • A well planned PMRDA office in Akurdi shifted to Aundh.
  • Illogical decision to start Passport office in Baner for PCMC citizens.
  • The idea of proposed Internation Exhibition in Moshi scrapped.
  • To reduce the load on Pune traffic, decision taken to come up with ST terminal in Sangvi without changing the status and conditions of Vallabhnagar bus stand. ST Terminial, realistically, required in Nigdi, Wakad area.
  • In spite of the well known feasibility of Swargate – Nigdi metro route, the aggression for Pimpri – Swargate was obvious . It is now a public debate how the city was ignored and in whose interests etc.

What is the lesson to be learnt from all above points? One newspaper termed citizens of Pune as alert but those from PCMC are led by all and none alike. It is unfortunate that the citizens do not question their representatives but the local leadership is also to be blamed for fiasco on all fronts. When Pune city is given preference in all matters over PCMC, one wonders why do the the political parties have their offices in city at all.

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