Rationalization of road tax or Allow paying Annual Road Tax for Non KA registered Vehicles.

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Respected Sir,  

As we all know Bangalore has majority floating population in karnataka. And most of these population here are not for a long term. So we should be allowed to pay Road tax for 1 year / 5 years rather than paying 15 years life time tax together for non KA registered vehicles. When we go back to the parent state its not that easy to get a refund from RTO's and Re-register vehicles all the time we move from one state to another. Its not feasible for all to pay life time tax for each state they are moving in. 

Moreover, 35th deliberation of TDC ( Transport Department Comittee) held along with Ministry of Road Transport and highways on October 23 2013 has agreed for rationalizing the road tax to 6%. At the same time, vehciles that are registered at the other state but more than 2 years old up to value of 10 Lakh INR ( ex-showroom price) need not pay the road tax at the other state. 

Despite the meeting held with ministry of road transport and highways, Karnataka government on Feb 2014 has amended the motor vehicles act to pay the life time tax if the vehicle runs in the state for more than 30 days from the date of entry. The timeline of 30 days is too short for IT industry people as the project may last anywhere between 2 years to 5 years. So, asking the people to pay 15 years life time tax for the stay of two years is something not fesabile. 

If Karnataka government doesn't wanted to stick to the rationalization of taxes, paying annual tax for non KA registered vehicles should be brought in. This will entertain people to voluntarily come and pay the annual tax and it is a win win situation for both public and the government. 

Hence, request you to consider the above request and do take some favorable decision in order to help the citizens of this state.

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