Declare 4 rivers of Mumbai as living entities. #SaveMumbaiRivers

Declare 4 rivers of Mumbai as living entities. #SaveMumbaiRivers

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Day: World Water Day, 2017

To: The Hon'ble Chief Justice of Bombay High Court.

Prayer: Declare 4 rivers of Mumbai as living entities in order to preserve and conserve them.

Our city of Mumbai is adorned with 4 rivers. Dahisar, Poisor, Oshiwara and Mithi river. Our Mumbai rivers originate from the Sanjay Gandhi National Park and travel at least 35 kms in the city before they meet the sea. Today, all the 4 rivers are in a bad state. Our natural resources/rivers are being strangulated to death. We need to protect and rejuvenate them.

Damage - The oxygen levels in water of these rivers has gone down alarmingly. Polluted rivers are posing health hazards, causing damage to the ecosystem and disturbing the ecological balance. If rivers/river beds are concreted, it will kill the natural springs - water percolation will stop. Also ground water levels will go down gradually, leading to barren lands in near future.

Govt. Action - No concrete steps have been taken to protect our 4 rivers from further degradation or to rejuvenate them. Expert committees and their recommendations have all been ignored. On the contrary, steps for concreting the rivers / river bed have been initiated by the State.

Need - Urgent steps to rejuvenate all 4 Mumbai rivers are necessitated, failing which irreparable damage to the people of Mumbai and the environment in general is likely to be caused. Today, the river beds have become sewage lines. We need Your Ladyship's​ help to protect our rivers.

Fundamental Right to Life - Our right to wholesome environment is violated. 

River Ganga and Yamuna - The Hon'ble High Court of Uttarakhand, has recently declared River Ganga and Yamuna as living entities, having the status of a legal person with all corresponding rights. This declaration is owing to the urgent need to preserve and conserve them. 

Declare Mumbai Rivers as living persons - On the same principles as applied in the case of River Ganga and Yamuna by Uttarakhand High Court, I request Your Ladyship to grant the status of living persons to all the four rivers of Mumbai and appoint appropriate persons as guardians of these rivers.

This petition was prepared on World Water Day,  2017.

We hope that Your Ladyship will help us protect water resources.