HELP Modernize Animal Protection Legislation

HELP Modernize Animal Protection Legislation

March 8, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Canadians are speaking out against animal cruelty.  Why is the Government of New Brunswick not leading the pack with purpose to modernize animal protection legislation?


New Brunswickers feel strongly about the health and well-being of animals and are appalled by animal abuse. Through a shared commitment to better the lives of animals, animal lovers can send a strong message by signing and sharing this petition far and wide.

New Brunswick must do better for animals.  FACT:  Did you know that New Brunswick is the only province lacking clearly defined standards of care for dogs while “distress” being defined within legislation in several other provinces?
Animal Crusaders of PFSAP strongly feels it makes no sense on any level to allow animal cruelty to continue when promised enhancements to the Regulations under the SPCA Act have been in discussion with Stakeholders initiated in 2013.

Background:  On June 1, 2018 a much-anticipated Regulatory review undertaking by the Department of Environment and Local Government responsible for Animal Welfare began after Bill 42 – “An Act Respecting Animal Protection” received Royal Assent on May 5, 2017.  The objective was to enhance New Brunswick Animal Protection Legislation providing a framework to further define Regulations under the Society for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty Act.  To date, almost THREE years later, BILL 42 is INCOMPLETE and New Brunswickers continue to read in the media of puppymill type establishments with sick puppies being sold in New Brunswick.

Included in the Regulatory review undertaking by Department of Environment and Local Government:
*  Review of General Regulation and Pet Establishment Regulation under the SPCA Act
*  Review of Provincial Dog Regulation under the former Municipalities Act


To the Hon. Jeff Carr, Minister of Environment and Local Government,
We respectfully ask for your definitive attention to address without delay the following:

•    Complete Bill 42 – “An Act Respecting Animal Protection” to include a defined vet certificate requirement under Regulation 2000-4 as per Section pertaining to the following:
Offence re sale of animal without a certificate of health
23.1( 1) No person shall sell or offer to sell to a purchaser any animal prescribed by regulation that has not been certified to be in good health by a veterinarian, in the form prescribed by the regulations, whether or not the purchaser has waived the requirement for a certificate.
23.1( 2) A person who violates or fails to comply with subsection (1) commits an offence punishable under Part 2 of the Provincial Offences Procedure Act as a category C offence.


•    Adopt “A Code of Practice for the Care of Dogs in New Brunswick”, a collaborative document created by Stakeholders initiated in 2014 and embed this clearly defined “standards of care” within the Regulations where it will be ENFORCEABLE.  Required standards of care includes: Outdoor Protection and Safety requirements, i.e. Construction of doghouses, Extreme weather protection, Pen construction requirements, Tethering restrictions and requirements.
•    Address Section 4 - Classes of licences written within the Pet Establishment Regulations to include relevant operations i.e. grooming establishments, etc.
•    Implement a modern animal welfare system to address transparency, with government oversight.  Require a specialized enforcement team to maintain reasonable standardized training to both better protect animals and animal protection officer (APO) safety issues while in the field.  Create a complaint mechanism for officer conduct as an accountability measure.
•    Require Crown Prosecutors to receive specialized training to effectively interpret animal protection legislation whereby courts may take animal cruelty seriously and impose stiffer penalties with respect to fines and prohibitions (bans on future owing of animals).


“New Brunswick – Let’s be Proactive.  It’s our turn to “LEAD THE PACK” with meaningful legislation, effective enforcement and proper education”
~  Animal Crusaders of PFSAP

Animal Crusaders of PFSAP has committed to lobby the government for improved legislation, generating public awareness, and continuing to promote Responsible Pet Ownership.  We cannot and will not remain silent while animals needlessly suffer; we must hold government accountable to bring forward legislation to send a strong message that New Brunswick has a “zero tolerance policy for animal cruelty”.

Join us!  Contact your MLA, SIGN and SHARE this Petition with others who feel that animals deserve better.

“We love animals.  Every.  Single.  Day.”


Bill 42 – An Act Respecting Animal Protection

General Regulations 2000-4:


Pet Establishment Regulations:

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Signatures: 2,548Next Goal: 5,000
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