Increase funding for Radio New Zealand in this year's Budget. (Petition still going)

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Authorised by A. Newman, 29 Bradford St, Waihi. 


UPDATE (11/9/16): If you wish to donate to this page, the link to the Give a little is here: NB: the donation page which comes up after signing this petition is for and has nothing to do with the #FundRNZ campaign.

UPDATE (20/8/16): has added an option to donate for petition signers. The money won't go to #FundRNZ, but to to increase the circulation of the petition.

UPDATE (31/5/16): This petition will continue to run because RNZ received no extra funding this year and is still in financial trouble. Every signature is a vote to give Radio New Zealand more funding. Please continue to sign and share this petition. Please see below the original text of the petition.

Radio New Zealand Limited, New Zealand’s only public service broadcaster. It delivers high-quality, impartial, journalism and a wide variety of content, including coverage of issues in the Pacific region. This organisation has had its funding frozen for at least eight years. RNZ deserves a funding increase in this year's Budget because it needs to be properly resourced, not just this year, but in future years so that it can continue to deliver on its charter and provide the same standard of content that has given RNZ its fine reputation. Please sign this petition if you care about the future of RNZ and share it with your networks.