One tragedy is all we can bear please help us to avert another ... this is our home

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Hello my name is Florence. I would like to share my family's story with you. In 2014 my husband Raj came to Australia from Sri Lanka on a work visa. Our children and I travelled to Australia in 2016 to embark on a new future for our family. Our future looked bright in a country we all wanted to call home. Unfortunately, tragedy struck our family and my husband passed away 3 weeks ago after putting up a strong and ongoing battle with cancer.

As a family, we applied for a protection visa and we have been notified by the Immigration Department that the application had been denied. This decision came just 2 weeks after the loss of my husband and the children’s father. We are all still processing the grief and despair of our loss and now face the prospect of being sent back to Sri Lanka.

Our eldest son Ruvish is currently in year 12 at Kempsey High on the Mid North Coast and has been elected as Vice-Captain of the school. This is a great honour for him. Ruvish is a member of the Rovers Cricket Club and enjoys having the opportunity to contribute to the cricket community. We are all members of My Church in Kempsey where Ruvish is a youth leader and he takes the responsibility of this role very seriously and enjoys helping and supporting the other youth.
Once Ruvish completes his schooling, his dream is to go to university and become a doctor. This dream has no chance of becoming a reality if we are sent back to Sri Lanka. Ruvish has a little brother Duane who is 7 and sister Jennifer who is 8 and both are settled here in Kempsey and doing extremely well in school. Kempsey is the only home they have ever known. Our eldest daughter Hirushi is in Tasmania studying and if we are sent back to Sri Lanka she will be left here on her own.

The past few months have been extremely hard for the children to see their dad so sick and we are all still processing our grief and now we face the real prospect that we may have to go back to Sri Lanka.

All I ask is that you take a few minutes to sign the petition to show your support and assist with our appeal to the government to let us stay in Australia.

Thank you