British Columbia- Mandatory Lockdown

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I’m writing this petition to request the government of British Columbia to take a firmer stance COVID-19. We are asking to put the province in a lockdown situation except for essential services which would include grocery stores or pharmacies hospitals of course. Every country that’s in crisis has advised that we have to act fast and early to get a hold of this thing. The government is currently shutting things down little by little slowly like othe countries have done and by doing little by little the numbers are rising and is also stressing the population out more than we already are. We will be going into be lockdown eventually we can all see that by most every other countries path in this. WHY WAIT!!?? It will take longer and be harder  to recover if we wait. So many people are NOT taking your advice by self isolating because the numbers are not clear and concise we’re not told where in the province people are sick so they think it’s not in their town and they’re out of the beach playing basketball and doing all the things you’re firmly suggesting not to do. The easiest would be to just do a lockdown 2-4 weeks (numbers are still low so maybe not too much longer than this) and get a handle on this and save lives. Other countries waited and look at the mess!!

We the undersigned believe that immediate lockdown is the best method to tackle COVID 19....before it takes hundreds of lives.