Part-time/homeschooled kids should be allowed to participate in after school activities.

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Lonnae Hickman has been an avid member of Homestead High Schools drama club since freshman year.She has participated in every show the've put on. A couple of months ago Lonnae decided that school had become to much for her because of her anxiety condition, but she still wanted to be apart of Homestead's plays. Her parents decided to enroll her as a part time student, instead of normally taking five classes she now takes two. At the beginning the district told her she would still be able to be apart of homesteads performances, but now the district won't allow her to do this. Then they told her that she can participate if she takes an acting class all 3 semesters! The problem is that lonnae has already exhausted the curriculum and taking an acting class will add more classes to her schedule. Even though some teachers tried to rally around her, the district still remained untouched. They didn't care that she wanted to do something she loved and that she's still taking two classes. They didn't care that it cost them almost nothing to let her participate, and they certainly didn't care that she was already assistant director for their upcoming musical. She has now has had to resign from that position (which saddens her)  during mid rehearsal because the district has forbidden her. Is this fair? Is this fair that a part time student cannot enjoy the same experiences as their peers? Do you think Homeschool/Part-time students should be excluded from activities like this? If not, please sign. If we get enough signatures We can stop the injustice and allow Lonnae and other kids to be able to do something they love.

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