Homeless Hotel from Hell Brighton & Hove Council MUST review their homelessness policy now

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Homeless Hotel from Hell Brighton & Hove Council MUST review their homelessness policy now

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Daniel Harris started this petition to Tracy John (Head of Housing Brighton and Hove City Council) and

Homeless Hotels from Hell - My Story! Please Read, Sign & Share this petition, help me raise an important issue affecting many vulnerable people today. Follow me on Twitter

Having been homeless and sofa surfing for 3 years, Brighton and Hove City Council finally overturned a decision stating I was in fact in priority need and rightly so accepted a duty of care.

Today I was emergency housed at Percival Terrace in Brighton & Hove, their are over 60 rooms in this privately owned accommodation. In order for me to be housed and not street homeless I accepted the property.

I am suffering from a mental illness and in particular from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, following some sexual abuse I suffered as a six year old boy. I didnt have an advocate with me today at the meeting with the council and feel I have been pushed into a decision which is unlawful and took advantage of my vulnerable position right now. I am suffering from chronic anxiety and depression, however I am having counselling which i missed today in order to move.

The rent on this self contained room is £28 a day, I have to pay a further £50 a month for utilities and Council Tax, I have worked out i am actually £600 worse of each month moving from my friends house where I payed £300 a month. In total I have to pay £900 a month to live here.

I tried to commit suicide last year when everything got to much, I am in recovery and have a history of not eating well, this room only has a microwave. The bed is not fit to sleep in and the mattress is stained with what looks like urine. The ceiling is falling apart and I am now seriously doubting a way forward in my life, I simply cannot afford to pay those rates On Saturday 6th February 2016 I resigned  from my role at Sussex County Cricket Club, I am devastated that I have had to do this but have been left with no choice as the city council keep messing me around which is making me ever so unwell and unable to cope.

I am not allowed visitors so I will be on my own a lot, I was told today that I should feel privileged as most people get moved 30 miles away, I should feel privileged that I am staying in the city my family have lived for over 300 years, I am privileged for needing support in terms of my medical condition.

Based on my calculations on £800 a month rent x 60 rooms in total thats £540,000 vulnerable people are paying to this Privately Landlord annually. 

Please support me and others who have no voice by signing this petition and asking the council to review their policy on homelessness emergency accomendation. 

What I want the council to achieve.

  1. Homemove Allocations for vulnerable persons in priority need with a duty of care should be awarded a higher banding than band C (the general band) when placed in Emergency Housing. I am looking for a band A priority.
  2. More inspections of Emergency Accomendation to ensure the living standards meets the needs of the people occupying them.
  3. The council to adopt a plan to bring emergency housing into public ownership by 2020. They MUST pledge to stop funding private landlords who only have an interest in profit.
  4. I want the council to ask all applicants to complete surveys with all emergency housed people to ensure they have a voice.
  5. The right to food, is a human right protecting the right for people to feed themselves in dignity, The council must ensure that emergency housing adequately meets the individual's dietary needs. The current conditions do not allow for a healthy diet which can be a huge issue for vulnerable people.
  6. I want the council to be radical and rather than spend millions of tax payers money in private sector emergency and temporary housing, they should build more storage container homes after the success of the BHT scheme in Brighton.
  7. I want the council to ensure that all persons in emergency accomendation have access to the internet for free.
  8. To revoke the rules on no visitors. Vulnerable people are isolated enough and this in my opinion is discrimination. Even Prisoners are allowed visitors.
  9. For persons who are vulnerable the council MUST provide them with secure social hosing to ensure they are able to live life free from FEAR and outside the Private Sector Property Scam.
  10. Ensure hot water is available in emergency housing for persons to wash in comfort.

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This petition had 1,591 supporters

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