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Investigate David Chaney and the prostitution ring run by Todd Palin

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Homeland Security is the agency actively involved in investigating the possible culture of corruption within the Secret Service. The concern is that the incident in Colombia is simply part of a larger problem. Specifically, the Department of Homeland Security is interested in determining whether the Colombia incident is simply one of many examples of indiscretions on the part of Secret Service Agents while on the job. The concern is that if Secret Service agents are more focused on their own sexual satisfaction rather than guarding the President or other diplomat, or that the safety of the person guarded might be compromised due to black mail or other forms of coercion. Even in the absence of proof that the President’s safety actually WAS compromised in Colombia, the agents involved with prostitutes still lost their jobs. It was the poor judgment that they demonstrated while on the job that compromised their mission.

Shailey Tripp, a woman who has documented her life as a prostitute, having been recruited by Todd Palin, has disclosed to the Secret Service that she was introduced by Todd Palin, her pimp, to David Chaney. She has personal knowledge, and has revealed details regarding, her sexual experience she had with David Chaney, in Alaska, during the 2008 campaign.

It is undisputed that Shailey Tripp was a prostitute working in Alaska. She was arrested, charged, and pled no contest to the charge of running a house of prostitution. It is undisputed that David Chaney was assigned to protect Sarah Palin during the 2008 campaign, as evidenced by his Facebook post. It is undisputed that Chaney was involved in the prostitution scandal in Colombia and has either resigned or been fired. The actual stupidity that led to revelations regarding the Secret Service men partying with prostitutes in Colombia was the refusal by one agent to pay the prostitute the agreed-upon price for the services rendered. The indication was that the foolish agent paid the prostitute only $40.00 to $60.00. When the prostitute expressed her outrage for being paid a fraction of the agreed upon price, other secret service agents reportedly pooled their available cash and gave her what they had. The importance of that payment was that it was validation that these agents knew that prostitutes had been in the rooms of the Secret Service agents, and that the agent involved had underpaid the prostitute.

This attitude and experience of David Chaney in Colombia has happened before in Alaska, with a prostitute by the name of Shailey Tripp, who was introduced to Chaney by Todd Palin. An officer of Homeland Security interviewed Shailey Tripp on two occasions, and she gave a written statement confirming her report. Shailey Tripp described the details of the sexual services provided to David Chaney, and details about the location where Todd Palin introduced her to David Chaney. To date Todd Palin has never denied the allegations of Shailey Tripp in her book, Boys Will Be Boys. To date Todd Palin has not produced any pictures to refute Shailey Tripp's graphic description of Todd Palin's genitals.

David Chaney was rude, intimidating, and condescending in his attitude toward Shailey Tripp. Sexual services were provided. Shailey Tripp had explained to him that there was a charge ($80.00) for a massage only, and the price went up from there depending on the sexual services he would like. He requested the sexual services. They were provided. David Chaney paid Shailey Tripp only $40.00, which was less than the price of a massage only. When Shailey Tripp reported this encounter to the officer with Homeland Security she didn’t realize that the Secret Service agent in Colombia had done the same thing. Evidently it was not unusual for an agent to cheat destitute prostitutes, thinking that he was "entitled" to her services, and that the prostitute would never be believed if she complained. In Colombia the prostitute could go to the police, and she did, because prostitution is legal. In Alaska where prostitution is illegal, if Tripp had gone to the police, they would simply have asked for the reduced rate too!

At the Senate hearing of the Homeland Security Subcommittee, Director Sullivan of the Secret Service indicated that the incident in Colombia was an isolated incident, and that it was not part of a culture of corruption. Shailey Tripp had the courage to come forward. Homeland Security must, at a minimum, take a sworn statement of David Chaney, and report that information to the Senate Subcommittee on Homeland Security. It is imperative to bring an end to this culture of corruption.

Charles Edwards is the Investigating officer with Homeland Security, and he can be reached at: He has authority to take a sworn statement from David Chaney.

Joe Lieberman is the Senator in charge of the Homeland Security Subcommittee of the Senate, so he is in a position to demand that a statement be taken. He can be reached at:

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