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A call for Homebase to start using decimal points in their advertising.

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From at least  2013, Homebase have used advertising that follows a consistent theme and style on television. They all show a selection of their wonderful offers. Now please don't get me wrong, I think these offers are brilliant, the prices are low and there's been a wide variety of products ranging from hanging baskets to pressure washers. 

What could be the problem? Well, let me explain. All the adverts have a nice brightly coloured price-tag on screen, proudly displaying the great price. As nice as it may look, these lovely price tags are missing one crucial piece of information. They are missing a decimal point. As a result of this, items are being falsely advertised and made to look far more expensive than they should be. For example, a lawnmower costing £99.88 would be advertised as costing £9988. I have already tweeted Homebase about this issue twice, both last year and this year. Both times they replied and advised me that they'll pass my feedback on. However, no change has been made.

I understand that it's probably more aesthetically pleasing without the decimal point but I feel that decimal points should take priority.

So I ask you to take a mere 60 seconds of your day to sign this petition. It may seem like an insignificant issue considering other current global events but I personally feel this is still a matter that needs addressing. Homebase, please do the right thing and begin adding decimal points to your advertising campaigns and add them to your current adverts.  

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