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Save Sheffield Family from Deportation

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Case ID: 017675719

A six year old girl is about to be removed from her home and friends in Sheffield and sent with her parents to Poland, although the family do not speak the language and have no friends or family there.

The Al-Dallal family, who are originally from Iraq, lived in Poland when Mr Al-Dallal was cultural attache to the Iraqi embassy in Warsaw. When his contract ended he claimed asylum in Britain because it was not safe for them to return to Iraq, where he had suffered bullet wounds during factional fighting.

Immigration rules dictate that the family should claim asylum in Poland because it is deemed to be safe there. The family say they were persecuted when they lived there, and are concerned about their safety, and particularly for the impact on their daughter Mariam. They have also been alarmed by recent press reports about refugees being attacked, and the Polish government saying they won't accept any more refugees.

Mariam is a pupil at Hinde House school, where her teachers say she is a good student with a large group of friends. Staff at the school have written to the Home Office in support of the family's request to be allowed to stay in Sheffield on humanitarian grounds, as has their MP, Gill Furniss, as well as various organisations in Sheffield where the family volunteer.

We would like the Home Office to reconsider their decision to deport the family to Poland and allow them to stay in Sheffield on humanitarian grounds. It is wrong to take a young child away from the only life she's known and the potential impact could be devastating. The father has various health problems and the stress of the decision is exacerbating these. They should be allowed to stay in Sheffield where they are safe and have the support network they need.

Sign our petition to get the Home Office to reconsider it's decision and let the Al-Dallal family stay.

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