Release an NHS Dental Nurse from Detention

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3 years ago, through my job as a sales rep, i met a lovely Fillipino lady called Francesca. She worked as an NHS Dental Nurse down in London, and was here in the UK on a works Visa. She quickly became a good friend, even visiting me in Bradford. After her 9 years working for the British People, helping countless British (and international) citizens, her time came to apply for a permanent Visa. Unfortunately she picked an unscrupulous immigration solicitors, who defrauded her (and several others), and ran off with cash that was paid to do their immigration paperwork.

Francesca appealed to the Home office to let her stay whilst she reapplied (despite being thousands of pounds down). She was told she needed character references, me and several others wrote letters to the Home office imploring them to let her stay, due to the fact that she's worked so hard and paid taxes her entire time in the UK. 

The Home office granted permission to do so but told her she had to leave her job as a Dental Nurse immediately. She duly did so and lived off of savings, having to report to a Detention Centre to check-in (how regularly I'm not 100% certain).

This monday i tried to reach her to wish her a merry christmas,her phone line has been disconnected. I tried to reach her on facebook, snapchat,instagram. All of which lay silent. This morning at work, i received the email:

"Hey Fenn, i didnt realise i had your email, if you've been trying to reach me, I'm sorry but I've been detained. I am appealing it but it is very unlikely I'll be out by Christmas. Hope you have a Merry Christmas, Francesca"

She is facing being deported to the Philippines, a country she hasnt lived in for a decade. Her parents live in Italy, so, other than a few childhood friends, she would know nobody out there if she isnt granted a Visa.

I'm starting this petition because i hate the idea of a tenacious young woman, who has worked so hard to provide healthcare to UK Citizens to have to spend her Christmas locked away in detention, facing the chances of not being allowed to return to the country she has called home for a decade.

Her parents (of whom 1 is quite unwell) live in Italy and have done for many years, so, if she isnt granted permanent EU Residence, who knows when she might be able to see either of them again.

Please, if you can do 1 thing this Christmas, help a lady who has helped others. And to those of you that do sign this, Merry Christmas .

I will be posting updates as applicable on Twitter using the handle #FreeFrancesca

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