Lower £18600pa Income Threshold for Spouse Visas. Newly weds are suffering.

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Hello, my name is Kiran. I am a newly wed. I met my husband 3 years ago in India. We got married last year (November 2017) and since March this year I have not had a single day off. I am breaking down mentally and physically trying to meet the 18600 per annum threshold the government introduced 6 years ago. For 6 years thousands of U.K. British born citizens have been ignored and deprived of a family life. Newly weds and families torn apart because of the new immigration rules. Imagine being taken away from your partner and children and made to work to meet a threshold set by the government that would be impossible to meet on a full time minimum wage job. 6 years is too long to be ignored. The U.K. government has bought mental health issues, exhaustion and bad health to thousands of people fighting everyday to live with their loved ones. Our only fault is that we fell in love to someone that doesn’t belong to our land. We as British citizens should have a choice of where we want to settle and start a family. Us, The British, ruled the world and didn’t ask for anyone’s permission before we invaded their land and took commodities to benefit us. We British are welcomed and settled all over the world. We should be just as fair and accomodating to our own BRITISH people who have gotten married and want to settle with their spouse in the U.K. Newly weds like myself and thousands more just want to live together, work, have a family and see each other every single day. We want the chance to show the government that they are wrong about being a liability. We work, we pay our taxes, we decide who we want to live with. The 18’600 threshold doesn’t meet the current economic system. Wages are not rising and to earn that amount of money one has to work 50+ hours a week. We are HUMANS!! Not robots. Have mercy on us, think of all the damage you have caused in 6 years of the change in immigration rules. If the government is prohibiting non-Eu spouses to claim any benefits (including British spouse, sponsor) then we are not a liability. We are an asset and we will work hard and pay our taxes and duties. If the government can have mercy on European families and let them be a liability then we will counter balance that by working but please change this threshold to a reasonable amount and let us live in each other’s presence. You go home every night to your loved ones, just imagine how many loved ones you have broken apart because of this threshold, look at your spouse and children and think of all the damage you have done to your U.K. citizens. Marrying someone from abroad is NOT just for rich or for royalty. Normal people fall in love too. If we can go abroad and get married I’m sure we can afford to live together too. Just imagine how happy you would make thousands of people, just imagine how much mental stress and heart ache you will stop. Checking if someone’s marriage is genuine can be done in many ways. Put your resources into that rather than making it so hard for genuine couples to be together and live their dreams. Their are countless MPs that’s are also married to non-Eu citizens which means we should be understood and listened to. The 18600 threshold has broken me as a person. I have mental breakdowns. I have to work 7 days a week with hardly any rest. There are times I do not want to even leave my room but I have to get up and go to work. I cannot remember that last time I layed in bed till 10am. This change means I can work normal full time hours and have weekends to myself or even a Sunday. This change will bring mental stability to thousands of people including myself. This change will mean a 30 year old woman like myself can live with her husband and start her family. I have no children. And thanks to this threshold I feel like I will never have a family I always dreamed of. The U.K. home office and the government has made our lives not worth living. Please someone help. Please someone make this change happen. It’s already 6 years too late. People die, and are not able to be with their families. Please I beg you make this stop. Me and many people in my postion today will bow down to your feet and appreciate this act of kindness IF ONLY this threshold can be lowered. If we win this it will only be better for the U.K. economy. There are jobs out their that my husband would do that British people would not want to do. My husband will do any job here and contribute to the system and his family. If we lose then the British government doesn’t care enough to see how many people are suffering because of their harsh decision. 

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