Home Office: Let Ryan home to see his family!

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I’m Kylie, and those are my three gorgeous kids. Their dad Ryan was meant to spend his birthday on Sunday at home with us in Omagh, Northern Ireland. Instead, he spent it sitting alone in a cell at the airport, with no way to contact us. He was put on a flight and deported. We are distraught and urgently need your help to get him home to us, blowing out the candles on the cake we have ready to surprise him when he walks through the door.

I’m from the UK, and Ryan is from the US. We lived happily over in the US for years, raising our little family, until US immigration rules meant I couldn’t stay any longer. Obviously we were desperate to stay together as a family – especially because by then I was pregnant with our third child.

But the UK’s harsh laws got in the way. Because I was raising our kids and coping with a pregnancy alone, I couldn’t work enough hours to earn the financial requirement to have him with us. So our boys have been living without their dad for months, and we're stuck between two countries while I struggle to make ends meet.

On Sunday Ryan flew into Dublin Airport to visit for 10 days, to celebrate his birthday with us and spend some precious time with our boys. But he was detained at the airport, not given any food or water for 6 hours and had his phone taken away so he couldn’t even communicate with us. Officials said they didn't believe he would go back to the US, even though he had his return ticket booked and has to go back to work. 

Ryan is now thousands of miles from his family. We urgently need your help to bring him home to us. All Ryan wanted was to spend 10 days with our family for his birthday. Please sign this petition and share as widely as you can – we are so grateful for the support.