Help Liverpool doctor stay in the UK


Help Liverpool doctor stay in the UK

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Mina Mesri started this petition to home office and

Mu is 27 and she is a doctor in Liverpool. She is originally from Taiwan but moved to the UK as a 5 year old when her parents moved to Glasgow to study. She later immigrated to the UK on her own for secondary school and has stayed in the UK for the last 13 years, where she finished her medical education and worked as a doctor for the past 2 years. She has lived in the UK longer than she has lived in Taiwan and this is a place she calls her home. However, based on a small administrative error she is now threatened with legal action if she were to stay in the UK.

We have a doctor shortage in the UK. Mu is a loving friend and has been a caring doctor to her patients and an amazing colleague to her NHS co-workers for the past 2 years while working as a foundation doctor. The decision to deport her is devastating for Mu, and non-sensical for everyone else. 

On the letter that she has received from the Home Office she is told:

"What this means for you? You must now leave the UK now or you will be detained and removed."

She has been given 10 days to leave the country or otherwise she will be imprisoned for 6 months or banned from returning to the UK for 10 years.

The Home Office do not pride themselves on providing humane care, but the case that they do put forward is to keep skilled migrants in the country. In light of our current shortage of doctors in the UK and based on their own immigration standards, the decision to not let Mu stay seems completely counter-intuitive


Following the expiry of her student visa in June 2019, she applied for a work visa. She was informed that her application was rejected back in August. The reason behind this was that she was required to show that in her account she had greater than £945 throughout the last 90 days to demonstrate that she is self-supporting. Unfortunately, her current account balance had dropped to less than this limit as she was under the impression that this balance only needed to be met at the end of each month.

She was offered a review of her decision, so she sent a copy of her saving account statement which DID maintain a >£945 limit during the last 90 days. However, she has now received a further letter from the Home Office, stating that the new bank statement could not be accepted as the Home Office is unable to accept any new pieces of information from her that were not in her original application. What is the point of a review if you are not given the opportunity to provide evidence that proves you are meeting the requirements.

To be clear, Mu met the requirements for her VISA. She only made a tiny administrative mistake by sending the wrong bank account statement. And she has been allowed no opportunity to correct this one mistake. 

This is ridiculous! 

Please sign this petition to help us put a stop to this unfair ruling!


This petition made change with 39,831 supporters!

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