Help me stay in the UK so I can go to University!

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My name is Amin, I’m nearly 21 and the UK has been home to me, my brother and my mum since I was a child. We arrived here as asylum seekers after my parents were forced to flee Iran. I have spent all of my secondary school years here in the UK. But months before I was due to attend University, I found out that I wouldn’t be able to go because I still had asylum seeker status.

I had no idea that would happen. I  grew up here, made friends here. I saw my future here.

The last three years I’ve been waiting for the Home Office to grant me stay in the UK so that I can live my dream of studying medical science at Coventry University. I have now received a place at University but they have told me I can only take it up if the Home Office gives me the right visa status before terms starts. I have three weeks to make this happen. That’s why I have started this petition. Please sign.

The most heartbreaking thing for me is that the Home Office has granted everyone in my family the right to stay except me. My mum started the application process for us when me and my brother were children. But they didn’t grant right to stay until just after I turned 18. The Home Office said I didn’t count on my mum’s application because I was now technically an adult. This decision is not only unfair it flies against their Asylum policy which says turning 18 shouldn’t matter. Paragraph 3.7 of Asylum Policy Instructions, Dependents and Former dependents says people like me should usually be counted alongside their parents, as long as the original application was made whilst you were still a child.  

The last few years have felt like I have been stuck in prison. Until the Home Office makes a decision not only can I not attend University, I can’t work or drive.

If they don’t respond soon, I could be forced to leave my family, my girlfriend and my friends and return to a country where I am unsafe with no one. All I want is to go to Uni, be with my family, and get a job where I can make a positive difference.

There is only three weeks to go before Coventry will have to give up my place. I urgently need the Home Office to grant me refugee status just like the rest of my family so that I can go to University this year and start living my life again.

Last year a petition helped my classmate Brian get leave to remain to attend Oxford university. I hope public pressure can help me too.  Please help me by signing my petition.

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