Home Office: Give Albert Thompson the right to cancer care

Home Office: Give Albert Thompson the right to cancer care

10 March 2018
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** Campaign success! Albert has now been granted treatment. For more info, please check the update below and keep posted on developments on https://mobile.twitter.com/quiline

I am confirming how I'm going to spend the money raised for his treatment as soon as possible with all relevant parties.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to everyone that has supported this campaign. WE DID IT!**


Albert Thompson*, 63 years old, has lived in London for 44 years. He has prostate cancer. After major surgery, he arrived for his first radiotherapy session to be taken aside and told that unless he can prove he is legally entitled to live in the UK he will have to pay the full £54,000 for his treatment upfront.

For 3 decades, Albert has paid taxes to the British Government. He arrived from Jamaica as a teenager. He has no money and he needs our help.

That’s why I’m calling for the Home Office to deal with Albert’s status in the UK so his treatment can be approved right away.

Cancer doesn’t wait.

Having been a primary carer for loved ones who have had cancer, I know that it is expensive, frightening and depressing. People who do not have a lot of savings or support from elsewhere struggle massively financially, and Albert has been unable to work for some years now due to cancer so has nothing. Even with appropriate support, cancer is a lonely and terrifying journey. I can't imagine the despair that this man must be feeling right now.

This is part of a much wider issue too, of people who originally came from Commonwealth countries now not being recognised as legal citizens - despite living in our country for many, many years and contributing in the same way we do. Let's stand up for their rights - and stand up to the increasingly harsh landscape that the Home Office is creating for innocent people that are relying on their country's support at the hardest times in their lives.

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*Not his real name

Original Guardian article: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/mar/10/denied-free-nhs-cancer-care-left-die-home-office-commonwealth 


This petition made change with 424,612 supporters!

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