Don't disrupt our family life by removing my husband & the father of my daughter

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My name is Anna- the picture above shows my husband Makara and our child, Soma.

The Home Office has rejected my husband’s application for a leave to remain and work in the UK visa, stating “In regards to the care of your child you have provided no compelling evidence that her welfare in the UK could not be maintained to a sufficient level in the absence of your partner.”

I would like to argue that the human right to family life - which we based our application on - is not just about maintaining our daughter's physical welfare to a 'sufficient' level. As a mother and UK citizen, I have the human right to give her the best possible upbringing. She will only experience one childhood; the emotional upheaval of suddenly losing her father, and therefore also losing the potential to grow up with the loving care of both parents is more than a significant disruption.

My husband and I have been together for eight years, we married five years ago in the UK and our daughter was born here. I believe I have every right to continue giving my daughter the upbringing that my husband and I want for her.

I am currently completing a School Centered Initial Teacher Training program in order to become a Secondary English Teacher. It is an extremely demanding course and I’m not sure without my husband’s support with that I will be able to continue becoming an English Teacher.

The Home Office states in our rejection letter that, 'It is deemed that any additional support you require could be sought from your partner's mother, father, siblings or social services team'. We completely refute this statement, in fact I am personally appalled by it. Like any successful partnership or marriage, I rely on my husband not just for 'childcare' but as an equal sharer of all aspects of home and family life, and most importantly as emotional support throughout the ups and downs of everyday life including the upbringing of a child. His role as father of our daughter cannot just be filled by a random person.

I thought it was absurd the Home Office would suggest that I turn to an already struggling social care system to take on the upbringing of our child rather than having the support of my husband!

I don’t believe it is in the public interest to separate myself and my daughter from my loving husband and her loving father. My husband wants nothing more than to work, pay taxes, be a loving and present father of his child and contribute positively to our local area. All I wish is to be able to keep my family together so that we can peacefully continue building a stable future for our family- especially our three-year-old daughter Soma.

Public pressure has convinced the Home Office to change their minds before. Please help our family stay together by signing this petition.