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Stop selling products with glyphosate, which has been declared "probably carcinogenic"

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Home Depot currently sell Monsanto's RoundUp herbicidal product, which contains glyphosate. Glyphosate is commonly sprayed on food crops, lawns and public land, including parks where children play. The United Nation's World Health Organization recently declared glyphosate to be "probably carcinogenic to humans," ( and multiple studies have shown that it is associated with cancerous tumor growth, human cell death (, chronic kidney disease ( and many other health issues. Additionally, Monsanto knew from lab test that glyphosate influenced tumor growth at least 30 years ago (, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency also categorized glyphosate as "probably carcinogenic to humans" in 1985, based on lab tests which produced cancerous tumors ( Carrying this product is irresponsible and endangers the health of the public and particularly children.

For that reason, Home Depot should discontinue carrying and selling products containing glyphosate. Doing so would show that they care more about the public's health and the communities that support them than they do about selling this product that has been linked to cancer and other health issues. Conversely, if Home Depot were to ignore this petition and continue to sell glyphosate-containing products, it would show their customers and the communities who support their business that they value the sales of this product more than they value the health of you or your children.

People are becoming more aware of the harmful effects of this toxic product, and we would like to encourage Home Depot to show that they care about the health of children and the public by removing glyphosate from their stores. Removing this product from store shelves will protect and improve public health, and businesses that get in front of the wave to do so will gain a significant boost to their public image.

We would like to bring this to Home Depot attention even if the petition doesn't make it to them. Everyone concerned about the harmful effects of carcinogenic glyphosate being sprayed in their neighborhood should contact Home Depot and let them know that they should remove glyphosate from their stores.

Home Depot Contact Information:

Telephone number: 1-800-466-3337, 1-800-553-3199 and 1-866-875-5488



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