Stop selling glue traps at Home Depot

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Glue traps are inhumane killing devices used to rid mice and rats from one's home. These traps are pieces of plastic or cardboard covered in a sticky or adhesive surface, causing any small animal that treads on its surface to get instantly stuck. This terrible contraption causes a slow, painful and horrifying death, including starvation and suffocation, as well as severe injury caused by the victim trying desperately in vain to escape, resulting in torn skin and fur. Not only mice and rats but birds and even kittens can get trapped in these inhumane creations. 

The Home Depot, a popular hardware store, advertises and sells these traps, which ignorant customers believe to be a safe, easy way to control rat and mice populations in one's home. They do not realize the terrible truth behind these products. 

These "house pests" are not ours to trap and kill, and if we must, we should do it humanely, not with these glue traps that cause terrible, slow, and painful deaths. We are the voice for the voiceless. Sign this petition if you want to ban selling glue traps at Home Depot.