Wrong deeds of the Parish Priest of Udupi Church, India - Fr.Peter S,Noronha- in 1991.

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Fr.Peter S Noronha -Parish Priest of  Our Mother of Sorrows  Udupi entered into a secret sale deed of  12 acres of land consisting of  our house and coconut plantation  in Moodu Belle with our parents without the knowledge of his children who were away for earning lively bread . Shifting of our parents was done on Moundy Thursday even without the knowledge of the parish to which we belong [ St Lawrence Church - Moodu Belle] and shifted them to the Home for the aged  Ozanam  in Udupi in 1991. Parents later realized that they have been cheated since Priest failed to take care of them. Sale deed compensation was also not paid to my parents which is wrongly stated as paid .My father filed a civil case of cheating in Udupi Lower court in 1995 and approached us for their support as they were totally neglected by Church for their medical needs of old age .Later our father died due to hyper tension and cardiac arrest in 1999 . We got our mother back and she is happily staying with us who is now 88 years old .Writ petition is still pending in Upper Civil court of Udupi. Now Church has recently demolished our house and all plantations  as seen in photo in spite of pending  writ petition in Udupi Civil Court .   

Holy father , we  feel as faithful catholic family the priest has done injustice to our parents and our family for personal gains in the name of  religion thereby failed to follow the  principles of Christian faith.

Holy Father,we humbly request you to further investigate of this case and provide us justice on grounds of humanity and save a faithful catholic family. I am making this humble petition to you Our Holy Father so that this type of injustices are not done by any Clergy to laity . 

We pray to GOD in the name of Jesus Christ ! 

Francis Lobo