Stop Real Estate Bullies Exploiting Cleveland Neighborhoods

Stop Real Estate Bullies Exploiting Cleveland Neighborhoods

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Holton Wise

Why this petition matters

***Trigger Warning*** 

The video above contains foul, explicit, offensive, derogatory, racially charged language. 


Holton-Wise Property Group is exploiting Cleveland neighborhoods. They ‘buy ugly houses’ from low-income residents and resell them for much more.

This is effectively modern-day redlining and it's happening in our city.

They lure local and out-of-town investors and exploit Cleveland neighborhoods by flipping houses that are falling apart, tossing out residents and making a profit. 

They call it 'ghetto investing' and make recruitment videos like the one above with tips and tactics to encourage outside investors to buy up properties in Cleveland for 'pennies on the dollar'.

These are not ghetto properties, they are homes in our neighborhoods.

Justin Bibb is pledging to fight back against real estate bullies who have operated with impunity for far too long.

As mayor, Justin will:

  1. Partner with HUD to enforce the Fair Housing Act and investigate possible civil rights violations. 
  2. Pass Pay to Stay legislation in Cleveland to protect tenants from immediate eviction. 
  3. Take legal action against any owners failing to register rental units and issue Notices of Violation (VNs) for breaches.
  4. Expand housing and building codes and ordinances to apply to third-party agents. 
  5. Amend the rental registration ordinance to require a property manager's name and contact information.

These real estate bullies have been running rampant across Cleveland for years and City Hall hasn't taken any action to stop them. 

Sign our petition today to expose Holton-Wise and join us to put people and neighborhoods first.

282 have signed. Let’s get to 500!