Hollywood Walk of Fame Star for Christina Grimmie

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Christina Grimmie was a talented and loving singer/ songwriter who was fatally shot last week at a meet and greet following a concert.  Though she was only 22, she had accomplished so much in her short life.  She rose to stardom on youtube and she soon captured the attention of even more in her stunning performance in the 6th season of the Voice.  Christina was one of the most talented singers this world has ever known.  The passion and precision with which she sang allowed her to inspire fans through her original works and covers of other artists' songs.  Even if you didn't recognize her name before reports of her tragic death, you have likely heard her sing; perhaps you listened to her cover of Nelly's Just a Dream with Sam Tsui, which has garnered more than 128 million views on youtube.

I understand that the committee may be hesitant to bestow such a traditional Hollywood honor on a youtuber, but I assure you Christina was a truly talented artist who is very worthy of such an honor.  She was, frankly, more talented than many who have already been given a star.  This committee has awarded stars to a basketball player, a boxer, and fictional characters.  The addition of a star for Christina would hardly be too much to ask.  It would bring joy to her family, friends and fans who mourn her loss and remind them of all she accomplished before her untimely death. I have no doubt that if true consideration would be given towards allotting a star for Christina, her former mentor and coach Adam Levine, her former tour partner and close friend, Selena Gomez, others in the music industry, and her devoted fans would have no problem raising the required $30,000.  

And thus I implore you to note the impact this young artist had in her short time on earth and to consider giving her a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to immortalize her spirited voice for years to come. Team Grimmie really does rawwk; let's get this done!!