Boycott Aquaman 2 Amber Heard

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We as a community should not allow Amber whom has lied and played the victim to get away with her actions. If the role was reversed we as the people would never allow; that abuse, on a woman. The fact that the creators of Aquaman are still allowing her to play her role as if nothing happen just shows where their ideas on abuse are. Jhonny Depp was accused one time which was all it took to destroy his life he created, and if we have to take drastic measures to put a stop to her ridiculousness then I hope y'all will join to sign this petition. So we can be heard! Aquaman 2 release is in Dec. 2022 it's not a matter of not enough time it's the people LITERALLY just allowing whomever; even Women Abusers, keep their role. #MenToo #JusticeForJhonny #EqualityForAll