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It has come to our attention that one of your officers in the Hollister Police Department, Miguel Masso, was responsible for the fatal shooting of Alan Blueford in Oakland, California on May 6, 2012.

When the incident occurred, Officer Masso claimed he was justified in the shooting as an act of self defense, but it was later revealed that Blueford had not fired any shots and Officer Masso had shot himself in the foot in an effort to frame the young man. Mysteriously, Officer Masso’s body camera stopped working just as the incident commenced.

In 2007, Masso along with three other officers were accused of beating, macing, and tasering a man in his holding cell at the 52nd Precinct station in the Bronx. After beating him, causing severe burn marks and permanent scarring, along with neurological, psychological, and other personal injuries, Officer Masso allegedly refused the man’s requests for medical attention. The case was later settled for $54,000 when the investigation concluded that the charge had been "neither proved nor disproved" before Officer Masso’s eventual transfer to Oakland, California. 

I demand that Officer Masso is promptly fired from the Hollister Police Department so as to prevent future brutal acts of violence against our community members. In addition, I demand that we start providing more support towards community efforts and organizations outside of the police forces in order to prevent police brutality and violence in the future.