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Hollis Brookline High School Administration: Keep the Veteran's Day Assembly at HBHS

As of Friday, October 12th, 2012, Hollis Brookline High School administration voted to cancel the annual Veteran's Day Assembly. Please sign this petition if you support the notion of keeping the assembly as a part of our school community!

Many of us have personal connections to veterans in our community, whether that be through family members or through previous school assemblies. If these veterans were willing to give their lives to serve and protect our country, shouldn't our high school be willing to give up 30 minutes of time to pay respect and thank local veterans for their service? By taking away the Veteran's Day Assembly at the high school, the administration is not only showing disrespect to our veterans, but they are showing disrespect to HBHS students by taking away a patriotic tradition we have all grown up with and fully support.

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