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Hold Police Accountable for Needless Killing of an 11 Year Old, 12 pound family pet

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The Story of "Killer's" Death:

Danville officer shoots and kills 12 pound dog; owners don’t know why

Danville Police Chief speaks out on officer dog shooting

Danville police chief regrets dog was shot but not officer’s decision


Officer Fired After Investigation Into Dachshund Shooting

What damage could a 12 pound, 11 year old Dachshund do that would justify putting a fatal bullet to his gut?  Regardless of the laws regarding loose dogs in Danville, VA., this was an unjustifiable act against such a small helpless family pet that was known and loved throughout the small neighborhood. 

The devastation brought to this family because of Officer Murrill McLean's hasty, careless and thoughtless action against a little barking OLD dog will have a deeply rooted affect on those children for life.  Apparently, that didn't matter when McLean pulled the trigger.

Letter to:

Chief of Police-Philip A Broadfoot 
City of Danville
Police Department
427 Patton St.
Danville, VA 24541
Phone: (434) 799-6510

We find it truly despicable that you would back up Officer Murrill McLean's decision to fatally shoot such a small and OLD dog just because the dog was barking at him!  Do you have any comprehension of the psychological damage this family, especially the children, will endure? 

How can you possible determine, in all good conscience, that Officer McLean's cruel and hasty action was justified because he felt threatened by such a small old dog?  He says "because he was barking at me".  A dog that age and size, and especially considering the breed, even if he lunged at him couldn't even reach mid calf!  There WERE other options that could have been made, but to "save face", you refuse to hold this officer and your department, accountable for such a drastic and callous act.

Possible rabies is out of the question since I can produce records from the CDC that hasn't had a case reported of anyone being bitten by a rabid dog since 2006 in the US.

I truly believe McLean is an animal hater because what he did was an act of hate, NOT fear!  Any man who thinks such an old and tiny dog could do such great harm to him isn't truly a man.  Especially since his reasoning was "the dog was barking at me", as he stood nonchalantly at his vehicle, smoking a cigar after killing the poor dog!  Officer Murrill McLean is just a disgrace to your department, and with all due respect, I'm finding it difficult to believe you are much better for backing his actions.

Perhaps your department should be educated on better ways to handle dogs, and find alternative methods to keep a loose dog at bay.  Learn how to detect, in a split second, when a dog is truly a threat, and when it isn't.  It isn't rocket science! 

Having laws against dogs running loose is acceptable, and I don't object to them, but excessive force to stop such a tiny old dog is no excuse for upholding your laws.

Apologies won't bring Killer back, and it won't take away the pain his family is feeling, but you CAN learn from this and educate your men and women on alternative methods other than the killing of a family dog, but IF it SHOULD mean the death of the pet, that a thorough investigation be conducted and the officers involved be suspended until it has been proven that ALL circumstances leading up to the use of excessive force was absolutely necessary and justifiable.


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