Hold Meta accountable for allowing Hackers to take control of Intellectual Property.

Hold Meta accountable for allowing Hackers to take control of Intellectual Property.

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Why this petition matters

Started by Loui Williams

On Thursday 06/01/22, my UK  Instagram account 'PoetLoui' was entirely hacked.

Within one minute another hacked poetry account, God/child900 had changed my email address,  phone number, name on account and installed an app to protect the new user.

I received a Gmail notification that flagged a new device using my account, but the link to secure the account became instantly invalid by the changes made to it.

Immediately the new account PoetLoui55, posted Bitcoin promotions and started to communicate with my friends.  They pose as myself , even commenting regarding my family, to assure my friends it's ME  The phone number used to steal my account is +2349085451773 nigeria.

There is absolutely no where on Instagram to report the issue. 

Other accounts have reported the stolen account dozens of times. 

I have searched the entirely UNHELPFUL 'help centre".replied to the security gmails. I have completed a form on my Meta account, that appears to go nowhere.  I have attempted to raise the issue on twitter, only to receive countless hackers names, who "can retrieve my account" for a fee. There is nobody AT ALL outside of the USA to telephone for help.

No email support.

No chat support.

My page, was grown from scratch by myself. For 2 years I shared my Art, My Heart and Soul. I nurtured relationships and collaborated globally. 

To know that a thief, took it all, is using my identity and nobody at Instagram or Meta, including Mark Zuckerberg, cares about the security of its users, is gut wrenching. 

This permitted take over of my property amounts to criminal activity, including identity theft, with the corrupt intent of obtaining money for fraudulent 'bitcoin investment ' from unsuspecting friends and family of mine.

This is not an uncommon story.  Unfortunately many accounts are currently being stolen!

This could be YOU!

Mark Zuckerberg.  Forget growth , expansion and your PERSONAL agenda. You need to protect your subscribers and users NOW!


I CALL FOR ACCOUNTABILITY regarding the hackers infiltration of the Meta system NOW.

I CALL FOR TRANSPARENCY into Meta Security issues NOW.

I CALL FOR PEOPLE TO please, please think about their own security, you may want to consider CLOSING your own account, BEFORE IT IS STOLEN TOO! SO MUCH of your own Personal and financial INFORMATION IS AT RISK! LEAVING ALL USERS EXTREMELY VULNERABLE!


Louisa Williams.

195 have signed. Let’s get to 200!