Hold Judges accountable! They're IMMUNE TO THE LAW even if malicious! WHY?

Hold Judges accountable! They're IMMUNE TO THE LAW even if malicious! WHY?

July 11, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by AJ Jencol

I would like to help change laws by creating awareness that judges are immune to the laws they require the public to follow and can even purposely and maliciously do illegal, harmful, deceitful, unethical acts against a party in one of their cases and are not held liable.

Please help bring public aware awareness to these issues and to help me ask lawmakers create bills to change laws to hold our court officials accountable, as follows:

  1. Require judges to inform the court of any strong connections to any party prior to any court proceedings.
    2. Make it so Judges can’t decide their own recusals! Instead a committee nominated by THE PEOPLE will decide if the judge needs to step-down (recusal) themselves.
    3. Make Judges not immune to the law as if we the people are required to adhere to the law and they able to judge us against the law for our acts... then they too should be held accountable to the same standards they ask and require of us. And that means they can be sued in their personal capacities if they do harm, including financial harm to others for their misconduct! That's not only fair that's a much needed check and balance system that will discouraged judges from doing unlawful, harmful and or corrupt acts.
  2. 4. Since judges are allowed to deny seeing and or hearing evidence, I propose they be required to explain thier reasoning and if questioned it can be brought before an independent committee that will determine if the judge can overlook the evidence. Just possibly it may be critical evidence needed for justice.

Here are my case details that triggered this petition:

I was the Plaintiff in a Van Buren Michigan civil case against my business (lawn care) partner (Matthew Matlock yet also involved Kevin Swinehart, Erin Matlock, Kohl Matlock and Noah Matlock) for embezzlement and fraud yet I had to request the case dismissed as the case made no sense, the judge allowed the defendants to submit fraudulent taxes verified by the IRS, not adhere to 1 of the court orders, allowed their attorney to make very disparaging and chauvinistic in nature comments about me in court documents and before the court, the lawyer not provide my counsel with the court order until he demanded it and we got it 48 hours before it needed complied with, the same lawyer admitted before the judge to removing a petition of mine and scheduling his petitions in its place, he also refused to communicate with my lawyers and me... yet forwarded the confidential case emails with private info to other courts, lawyers, people not involved in the case, etc... yet the judge did nothing... so all lead me to find...

  1. The Van Buren Michigan Judge, David Distefano's personal cell is used for this lawyer, Albert Laaksonen's Law Offices (AKA Wally Laaksonen)
    2. A law office number for Albert Laaksonen's law firm,  Laaksonen Law Offices is used as a number for the judge.
    3. The judges wife's business number is used for her business, the judge and this same lawyer.
    4. Lawyers confirm they go boating together, and their families are long time friends.
    5. The Judge was a prior partner of Laaksonen's Law Offices prior to being judge and never had a break in working together as they immediately started to work as lawyer and judge in this judges courtroom upon being the 36th district Van Buren, Michigan judge.
    6. The Judge David DeStefano spoke at Laaksonen's Conference Center dating back years.
    7. They have numerous past and present addresses that coincide for one another.
    8. They and their families own numerous personal and professional businesses that overlap one another.
    9. The lawyer and judge have been law partner dating back nearly 30 years.

As a note the judge and lawyer did NOT deny their above noted connections when I brought this up in court 7/6/22 when I was MANDATED to court by the judge and lawyer to be sanctioned... when the business had NO LAWYER! (See below) In any event, I have print-screens of all the data and hard to deny yet did not stop them and hasn't stopped them from working directly with one another for years.

So my point is... the Judge was biased and refused to voluntarily recuse himself via 2 emails sent to he and this lawyer, which also asked the lawyer to disqualify himself as he was helping the defendants further their frauds and do so several times. Neither obliged. Even when I officially brought the motion before the court the judge did NOT take my motion seriously and just rolled his eyes the whole time... huffing and puffing, etc. and just moved on and did not truly address the issue. As again, they do not have to!

Here is the background, I let my counsel go after months and months of illogical rulings from this judge... and being it was a business case... I thought the court would be forced to close as all business cases must have a lawyer and cant be represented pro se. Yet that's not what happened the judge allowed the case to continue even though I asked for it to be dismissed. The Judge and Laaksonen kept moving the case forward and refused to respond to my petitions asking for the law allowing they to do this. They never replied or gave any law... instead they wanted me to represent the company in my personal capacity yet I refused as that's against the law, as such I refused to show up. Finally, after some clever and fancy filings of mine plus I had the SCAO, media, other step in to help get my case dismissed... and finally it was. Technically I won as thry wanted to proceed and make me pay around 100K in unlawful sanctions to the defendants... and man was Laaksonen MAD... never say a more irate man befire swearing and all before the court. But did I want it dismissed, no... yet I had NO OTHER OPTION as the case was rigged and I knew justice would not find me, rather the opposite.

I am grateful the judge was FORCED to dismiss the case as they were proceeding unlawfully, as if it was not dismissed that day I'd have illegally been sanctioned to pay for all Laaksonen's attorney fees, etc! And yes against law and court procedure but sadly the judge can do this and it is a VALID order ...until... if I am lucky a higher court overturns it, yet by that point they'd have my money and I would have to FIGHT to get my rightful money back, which would include many more legal fees and possible YEARS! THEY KNOW THIS AND WHY THEY CAN DO AS THEY WISH! 

This is horrible injustice against the American people... NOT JUST ME... anyone can easily end up in the same situation as I found myself!

I was the victim to the defendants who knowingly placed an innocent 3rd party naming them the sole responsible party to the company's Tax Liabilities... which just so happens to be my husband. This is illegal! He switched the contract without me knowing making me sign an illegal and frequent Operating Agreement. No one can name a 3rd party to be responsible for any financial agreement without their signature and my husband not only didn't know of this fraudulent clause, he wasn't there at the signing... but more importantly he didn't sign at all. The Judge didn't care he was enforcing this fraudulent contact nor helping these fraudsters.

I walked the victim ...again... and down 150K total due to this fraudulent situation and court case. I lost my investment in the fraudulent company, 80K in attorney fees and no resolution plus the fraudsters no accountability or harm to them. I made zero including no draws, no benefit whatsoever! Plus I had to use another 10K of my own monies to try to appease the court and run the company... which I couldn't as the defendants left me with nothing but the bills... took all the money, no working assets, etc... Is that justice?!

I found this company was being used as a front for money laundering as they build fake lawn care companies and service only a few customers ON THE RECORD, while they are actually servicing 100's - 1000's more... OFF THE RECORD and why they slipped in my husband as the party responsible for all the IRS liabilities in the company OA and why they refused to provide financials and why they submitted fraudulent taxes to the court... as it was all a set up!

Matt Matlock even sent texts and emails confessing he was hiring under the table and hiring illegal immigrants, etc and it would be hard for us to make all what he was doing lawful! He literally MOCKED us as we were STUCK in a fraudulent Operating Agreement that the Van Buren court and judge KNEW I claimed was fraudulent as I provided all the evidence complete with Matlock's and Swinehart's fraudulent fake financials that TRICKED me into buying into the company... YET THE COURT refused to address my fraud allegations and or even explore them, which had SOLID SUBMITTED EVIDENCE backed by bank records, company software reports, QuickBooks, statements from financial experts, etc... but nope! IT WAS PURE MADNESS! 

I know I'm not the only one to experience such courtroom corruption along with Fraud Upon The Court violations that the court refuses to address, rather they were helping to facilitate these injustices!

These grave injustices need addressed nationally, so all courtrooms are held accountable, so all can have a fair and just courtroom experience. No one deserves the corporation and biased that I experienced.... much less loss of life dedicated to all the courtroom chaos, nor the associated financial loss! Justice wasn't and isn't what I experienced and I want to hold judges, lawyers and courtrooms accountable by placing safeguards in place so others may avoid my unfortunate courtroom fate. If I can help change laws that helps others in the future... that will be my justice and payment!

Join me and help spread the word to make lawmakers take notice... HEAR THE PEOPLE... WE THE PEOPLE... who demand true and fair justice inside and outside the courtroom, so we all have a fair and just legal system in place that guarantees no one above the law ... as that creates injustices, biased courts, unfair court situations, corruptions, etc... Make ALL held to the SAME standards, so all is fair for ALL AND ALL FOR ONE! Only then we are truly united and can stand united!

Thank you for your consideration!

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