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Hello, my name is Tammy Harvison and I am writing to you to ask you to please help and support me and many others to change the laws here in Maine and all across the country for Distracted driving. I lost my oldest daughter, Brittany Weston on November 9, 2016. She was hit by a car on November 1, 2016 on Forest Ave in front of the USM Glickman library, where she had been a Law student there at USM. After 9 grueling  days in the MMC Intensive Care Unit, I was told that my daughter would never breathe on her own or have a functional life, I knew in my heart I had to remove my daughter, from life support. The man that hit my daughter was not paying attention while driving and hit and killed her. After watching the video of my daughter being hit, it is clear to see that my daughter shouldn't of been hit, and that the man was clearly not being responsible behind the wheel of his automobile or he would of stopped and let my daughter finish crossing the street instead of hitting her and killing her. I beg of you to help me change the laws because distracted drivers need to be held accountable regardless if it was intentional or not, or maliciously done or not. When you decide to get behind the wheel of any automobile it is your responsibility to drive safe and keep yourself and others safe, at all times, regardless. Too many people get away with killing innocent people because the laws are not strict enough, we need to do something now before more innocent people and families are destroyed by "Distracted Driver's". Please help me and others put Distracted Drivers to an end. My daughter Brittany was 23 years old and was attending USM to become a lawyer, she was innocently walking across the street when her life was cut short by a Distracted Driver. Please help me with this for my daughter. Thank you, Tammy Harvison



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