It's time Cricket Australia was held Accountable

It's time Cricket Australia was held Accountable

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Started by Joshua Treadwell

The Australian Cricket Board needs to be held accountable for it's actions through greater transparency and/or democratising the sport.

This is not about the Langer decision.

This is about another decision made by a group of people unrecognisable to the general cricketing stakeholders. The fan.

Without fans and active participants, cricket as we know it is dead.

We may blame the coronavirus pandemic for the lack of turn out to this year's Ashes series and Big Bash League however, the finances and decision making of Cricket Australia have been in disarray for a much longer period than that. 

In order for fans to believe in Cricket Australia as a whole again, the fans need to be given more control. 

This doesn't need to be as drastic as providing fan input on selections (that could only go badly) however decisions around ticket pricings, board elections, scheduling, television rights and grassroots funding would be crucial. 

At the very least, the board needs to have transparency in order to have accountability.

United the spirit of cricket will live on. 

378 have signed. Let’s get to 500!