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The Senate will vote soon about financial reform.  The choice is simple:  will they stand with us, or with the big Wall Street banks that crashed our economy and cost us millions of jobs?

Wall Street is spending $1.4 million per day to fight reform.  Don't let them win!  The stakes are too high:  sign the petition and tell your Senators to stand with Main Street, not Wall Street.  

Tell them we need a consumer protection agency with teeth, an end to the casino economy, and no more taxpayer bailouts.  We need real reform now!


Letter to
U.S. Senate
It is time to hold banks accountable for irresponsible and excessively risky actions, for abuse and deceit in lending, and for lost jobs and homes. We need a financial system that works for Main Street, not just Wall Street.

I support strong financial reform legislation that puts an end to the casino economy on Wall Street, creates an effective, independent Consumer Financial Protection Agency, and ends the era of taxpayer bailouts. I oppose carve outs, loopholes, and exemptions that will undermine a fair and open playing field.

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