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Hold a Polluting Cement Plant Accountable to the Law


During a public hearing on February 10, 2011, the Office of Mine Reclamation(OMR) stated that Lehigh Southwest Permanente Cement and Quarry (Lehigh) in Santa Clara County has been operating outside of its approved Reclamation Plan since 2002 and is not qualified to be on the AB 3098 List. Quarries on the list are in good standing with the state mining laws. Quarries not on the list cannot sell cement or aggregate to government funded projects. Lehigh should have been taken off the list in 2002. However, to this day, Lehigh remains on the AB 3098 list, unfairly taking contracts away from those quarries in compliance.  It was estimated that Lehigh sold 85% of its cement to Government agencies.  If OMR removes Lehigh from the AB 3098 list immediately, OMR will get Lehigh’s attention right away and hopefully bring Lehigh into compliance of California Mining Laws quickly.

Air and water violations: The EPA says Lehigh has been operating without a valid Title V Permit (Federal Clean Air permit) since 1996. According to the California Regional Water Quality Control Board,  its “...civil liability (ACL) against the Lehigh Southwest Cement Company (Lehigh)… is based on allegations that Lehigh discharged sediment-laden water to Permanente Creek that may also have been polluted by cement plant operations at its 24001 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Cupertino facility…”.

We need to protect the health and safety of our community and continue to attract the most highly educated and talented high-tech workforce to Silicon Valley. Therefore, effective deterrents like removal from the AB-3098 list need to be enforced by government agencies when Lehigh Permanente Quarry and Cement adjacent to Silicon Valley is in violation of the law.  

Please sign the petition to ask the Office of Mine Reclamation and the State Mining and Geology Board (SMGB) to remove Lehigh from the AB 3098 list immediately.  Please ask your friends and neighbors to sign as well.   Many of you told me that we are making Lehigh and Santa Clara County panic and sweat now.  Please keep up your good work.  Thank you very much for your help.

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  • Executive Officer, State Mining & Geology Board
    Stephen M. Testa
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    Adam Gray
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    Jerry Hill
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    Mark Leno
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    Jackie Speier
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    Meri Maben
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    Liz Kniss
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    Ken Yeager
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    Dave Cortese
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    George Shirakawa
  • Supervisor, Santa Clara County for District 1
    Mike Wasserman
  • Cupertino City Council Member
    Barry Chang
  • Assistant Director, Office of Mine Reclamation
    James S. Pompy
  • State Mining & Geology Board
  • Office of Mine Reclamation
  • California Governor

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