Give 20 year old's another year to play Hockey! Support Athletes Mental health

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As a 20 year old in my last year of Junior Hockey COVID19 has not only impacted all of our lives but has also ended our hockey careers and ambitions. Not playing the sport we love is causing mental health issues all over the world. Our mental health is important too! Let us play, let us have some normalcy in our lives to keep us sane.

Hockey has always been part of our lives and not being able to play impacts everyone in so many different ways. As athletes we dedicate our lives to our sports. We all know that one day we will have to hang up our skates but no one expected a pandemic to make that decision for us. I am asking all of the hockey players out there, especially the 20 year old's, to stand strong and fight for our dreams.

Hockey Canada needs to help us and not let a pandemic take that away from us. Give us an extension to play. Extend our age group to allow us to play the game we love and not have it ripped away from us by COVID19. We focus so much on Mental health, we talk about it, we post about it BUT we live it. We need to take action now and and not just talk about it. This is our future. Our future is in the hands of Hockey Canada. Let us have another year to fulfill our goals.