Introduce a cloth nappy rebate in Hobsons Bay

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Every day 5.6 million disposable nappies are thrown away in Australia. That’s 2 billion every year, with disposable nappies comprising 4% of household waste. Eek.

And disposables aren't only shitty for the environment. According to CHOICE Magazine, parents using single use nappies will spend from $1,700 to $3,000 per child on disposable nappies, depending on when their child toilet trains and which brand of nappy they use. That's a lot of cash, literally thrown in the bin.

The solution? Reusable cloth nappies.

Every baby that uses cloth nappies will avoid throwing 300kg of waste into landfill, every year. That baby will also be saving its parents thousands of dollars in cash and will be shrinking its carbon footprint, big-time. And all by... pooing.

Unfortunately, the initial set-up cost for reusable cloth nappies can deter parents from trying cloth nappies at all - which is why I've started this petition.

We, the undersigned, call on Hobsons Bay Council to join 13 other local councils around Australia (including Wyndham, Cardinia and Casey) subsidising cloth nappies for parents, via a rebate, cash-back or other financial support. A 50% rebate on the nappy purchase price, up to $100-$150, has been implemented by many of these other councils. Council could then also reinforce this commitment with cloth nappy workshops and education via maternal child health centres and new parent groups, because the learning curve for cloth nappies can seem daunting (especially for the sleep-deprived. I should know - I have a newborn.) 

The benefits? Parents save money. Council sends less waste to landfill. And the babies themselves contribute to a greener, cleaner future - the kind of future that should be their birthright.


(NOTE: When you sign this, please add your postcode or suburb as a comment, because Hobsons Bay Council will only regard a signatory as valid if you reside within 10km of the municipal boundary. )