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I am a full time musician / busker, living in Hobart, and for one month, i was busking down at the Salamanca Square entrance during the week with my amp. I would play for 1 hour, go away selling 10-15 cds consistantly, to provide a steady midweek income which is hard to find these days as a musician.

Anyway, the council workers kicked me out countless times after hearing 1 complaint from a resident as i was loud at the time, but i was more than happy to turn down but the council persisted for me to go away. 1 complaint in a month is definitely something the council can handle i think, and turning down would have solved any issue. 

Busking without an amp for me is useless, as no one can hear the music, even people walking past two meters away. I play soft acoustic folk, and when i use an amp, i don't have to yell over passing cars and trolleys..

The business' around me were very kind to me! Most actually bought a cd, and no business ever complained!

Every other city in Australia allows amplified busking. Melbourne for example has culture, art on every corner, where as in Hobart, you see kids just hanging out in the mall, no sounds, no atmosphere.

Now i have to resort to finding a job, which is a struggle! It means less focus on music, less touring, less work!

I need YOUR help to fight the council. Amplified busking creates a great atmosphere, a nicer sound, and culture to any place. I think it is ridiculous that Hobart is the only place in Australia where you can't busk with amplification!

I also have sent numerous emails and phone calls to whoever i was directed to, but no one seems to be listening, so i guess this is the only way! Share it around :)

Thank You!

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