HOA Reform for Florida!

HOA Reform for Florida!

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CARL VEGA started this petition to Governor Ron DeSantis

Florida is long overdue for HOA Reform!

To The State of Florida Governor, Florida State Legislature, County Leaders, Mayors and Municipalities,

Open Letter

We submit to you, very respectfully, the items below regarding the Proposed State of Florida HOA-Reform. We come before you to address the inequities, inconsistencies, unfairness, misunderstandings, and aimless wandering and without focus of HOAs Laws, Regulations and Support which are clamoring for HOA Reform!

Please note when we refer to "HOA" we include also COA and other types of community group housing.

Florida HOAs are in serious need of reform. Everyone does as it pleases and owners have few if any protections whatsoever! Further, upon purchase there are no disclosures before hand regarding the history, practices, regulations, bylaws or status of an HOA. Even after purchase, it seems to be an ordeal to obtain any information or support. In order to correct this, provide protection to would be buyers and settle the current "got you" attitude, we are proposing that the items below be included  as part of the statutes and disclosures of an HOA/COA property.

The following items are to be included in the statutes and disclosures and are to be given to all prospective buyers:

1. History of the HOA including officers.

2. Property Management Companies of the last 10 years

3. Financial Condition and Status clarity and disclosures.

4. Legal Status - pending court issues disclosures.

5. Copy of Articles, Regulations and Bylaws be provided.

6. Contact information for the Board and Property Management Company

7. Dues and Special Assessments clarity and disclosures.

8. Services and responsibilities clarity and disclosures.

9. HOA Quality Survey results to be done annually (assessing 7 key quality points) clarity, honesty and integrity to provide quantifiable metrics for assessment

10. Insurance clarity, fairness, honesty and disclosures both on the part of the HOAs as well as the Insurance companies.

11. Provide recommended standards for HOA/COAs based on size, (the number of units in the development) clarity, fairness, integrity

12. Appropriate penalties and assessments be established for HOA Board Members, Property Management Companies, Insurance Companies, Realtors, Legal entities, Agencies and others found to be in violation of the relevant statutes and laws.

13. Address the infrastructure requirements and standards for HOA/COAs, honesty, clarity, integrity

14. A state overseer to ensure compliance with the above and resolve member and community claims and issues, clarity, fairness, honesty  

15. HOA rules must not infringe or violate residents/members Human Rights and Constitutional Rights and protections, including freedoms of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly ...  

16. Developers and builders must be limited to an exact number of units, with no succession, and majority rule of 50% applied in all cases for units held only!

Please refer to The Miami-Dade County Grand Jury Report - Recommendations for Legislative Action to Address HOA Condo Owners' Request for Help!

The above will solve many of the current issues buyers and owners encounter only after the fact. For a closer look at the myriad of complaints take a look here:  http://www.ccfj.net/HOAcomplaints.htm

Neighbors, friends and owners everywhere, there is no need to sell your property and get out of Dodge! It will be the same elsewhere! Sign the petition and let's get this done right! Let's change the Statutes and Laws so that owners are protected, not the HOAs, Associations and Management Companies! Only you can change this! This is in your hands!

When the Laws and Statutes are not Fair, Just, Reasonable and Protect the People, those Laws and Statues need to be CHANGED!!!

If this is not implemented, the State of Florida is going to suffer greatly since HOAs appear to be one of the most common HOA/COAs property agreements. Florida is now the highest HOA density state in the country, two out of three families are part of an HOA Community. As of this writing there are more than 50,000 HOAs with over 13 million people involved. Florida will not be able to sustain the growth it is faced with unless comprehensive HOA Reform is undertaken. 

Please note this is not just a Florida issue, nationwide, where ever HOAs exist, the same problems can be found. So when you help Florida, by signing, you will eventually be helping yourself as other states will follow the lead.

We have surpassed our first goal of "500" signatures this is the magical  number which helps boost petitions to be shared for signature regularly. We expect at that time, this petition will take off and soon thereafter to be able to approach the legislators in the state with our request. Once again, thank you for all your help and support.

Know your HOA Quality, please see the HOA Quality Factors Survey here http://www.carlvega.com/fs/HOA-Quality-Survey/

The following organizations, numerous HOA members and concerned citizens support our efforts and this petition:

American Coalition of HOA Home Owners: https://www.facebook.com/groups/americancoalitionofhoahomeowners

The People's Olive Branch at https://www.facebook.com/PeoplesOliveBranch/

* We will mention your business and a link when you pledge your support of the petition and our efforts..

Many thanks in advance for your attention, consideration and support of this great effort.

Please share with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues. Thank you.


Concerned Residents of Florida!



(904) 385-3189

It's your money, how it is managed and spent should be your business and you should have a definite, clear and solid voice!

Sign the petition for better HOA Laws and Protection!

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567 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!