Change commercial vehicle HOA rules for the safety of our community!

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On Saturday, September 28, 2019, my roommate, Tori Gerstenacker, was struck by a car and killed after parking at the Shoppes at Elmwood and crossing Route 70 to come home. She was 25 years old. Tori drove a normal Ford F-150, but because her work logo is on the side it was deemed a commercial vehicle. Because of our community rule stating that commercial vehicles cannot be parked inside the neighborhood, she received a warning that her truck would be towed, forcing her to park across the street and walk across a dimly lit highway every night.

I am proposing that this rule is abolished or amended. There should be specifications on what cars are not allowed. Cars and trucks containing equipment and/or tools, such as ladders, shovels, mowers, and the vehicle should be considered a work vehicle. Vehicles that take up too much space or have ways to damage cars around it. Commercial and company cars are no different then a Ford raptor in presentation. A raptor contains a logo, as do most license plates or preferred bumper stickers. Tori drove a Ford F-150 with a sticker on the side which happened to be a logo for the company she worked for. Her truck was no different from the one that some of you drive everyday as your daily driver. This was the only vehicle Tori had in the neighborhood. This rule could be amended in many ways. We need to avoid losing someone to this rule again. It took one month of having to park a few blocks away before Tori was killed on a popular street with very dim lighting and a cross walk with no lights or signs for drivers to know it is there.

Tori was a bright soul and she had a habit of leaving things better than they were when she found them. I'm writing this petition in her honor because this is what she wanted. She was planning on attending the Delancey Place association meeting to make her case before her life was cut short. Please help me change this rule by signing my petition. This could happen to anyone, but it should never happen again.